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1.2 Geology and Mining - The Donkin Coal Project area occurs within the Sydney Coalfield of Nova Scotia, a large coal basin of Carboniferous age that extends north and northeast from the northern part of Cape Breton Island under the Atlantic Ocean towards Newfoundland.

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Approximately 75% of the island's population is in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) which includes all of Cape Breton County and is often referred to as Industrial Cape Breton, given the history of coal mining and steel manufacturing in this area, which was Nova Scotia's industrial heartland throughout the 20th century.

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"It's not as if this mine is going to last forever and pollute the world, but it is going to be part of the energy equation for the short to medium term," says White who is a former vice-president of the now-defunct crown corporation, the Cape Breton Development Corporation (DEVCO), which originally dug the mine.

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"Next to farming and fishing, coal mining is the most important industry in Cape Breton. The coal fields are even more extensive than those of Nova Scotia. Twelve collieries are in operation. Some of the mines yield the best coal yet found in America for domestic purposes. Some are far away under the sea; some down in the heart of the hills.

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Sep 12, 2018· Coal mines in the Glace Bay and Sydney areas. The pink shows the area of the mines. Notice in most cases they start on land and quickly head under the Atlantic Ocean where the best coal is. Of the ten known seams of coal they only mine the top five layers. Some seams are only a couple of feet thick and others are six feet or more.

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• In 1894 the government gave exclusive mining rights to the Dominion Coal Company" • By 1903 the Dominion Coal Company was producing 3.2 million tonnes of coal per year" • In mid-1960s the private sector exited Cape Breton Coal mining. The Cape Breton Development Corporation was established in 1967 to phase out coal" • The last Cape ...

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This coal field, which contains the only metallurgical coal east of Alberta, is part of a large carboniferous basin stretching from Cape Breton Island some 100 kilometers north-east. Its leasehold is a small portion of the total coal field which extends only eight kilometers off-shore. Currently there are no large coal mines in operation.

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This database contains 2497 known Nova Scotia coal mining fatalities. Names, dates, places, mines, and causes of death have been painstakingly compiled. Despite this, it is by no means a complete list.

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The Cape Breton Miners' Museum sits along the coast of Glace Bay, just to the east of Sydney. It plays tribute to the region's coal mining history, complete with a tour of the underground mines. Tour the mine with a retired miner who is now a guide for the underground Ocean Deeps Colliery.

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Sydney coalfield, Cape Breton Co., Nova Scotia, Canada : Log In Register. ... View of the Glace Bay coal mining area, in 1906. Glace Bay, Sydney coalfield, Cape Breton Co., Nova Scotia, Canada. Sideronatrite ... Mines & Minerals Branch Report of Activities, Part A: 141-143.

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Cape Breton Miners Museum - a MUST see for everyone - . A visit to the Cape Breton Miners Museum in Glace Bay and a trip underground to a real coal mine is a MUST DO activity for all visitors to Cape Breton AND for folks who live in Cape Breton as well.

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[NS-CB] Cape Breton Deaths December 18, 2017 Monday (part 2) Carol MacLean ... Cape Breton Deaths courtesy of CAPE BRETON GENEALOGY & HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION VISIT OUR WEBSITE ... He worked from a young age at the Thompson coal mine for 15 years, from there he was employed on the Sydney Mines Street Department and CBRM until his retirement in ...

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The area comprising Industrial Cape Breton includes the following communities within the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and earned its name from the various industrial activities relating to steelmaking, heavy water production, coal mining, and spin-off industries. Northside. Referring to the north side of Sydney Harbour.