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Construction Engines | Cummins Inc.

Your job site needs more power, less hassle. Powering construction jobsites around the globe, Cummins construction engines are the driving force behind the world's finest construction applications. With ratings from 49-1200 hp (37-859 kW), our diverse construction engine lineup offers the flexibility to meet your specific power solution needs.

Aerial Lift Comparisons – Purchasing

Aerial Lift Comparisons. A Comparison of Top Aerial Lift Models. ... Aerial lifts utilize electric, diesel and hybrid motors. If operating indoors, electric motors are quieter with fewer emissions. ... Aerial lifts can be used in industries such as manufacturing and warehousing, construction, utilities, farm work, emergency rescue and agriculture.

The diesel or electric dilemma - World Pumps

Mar 05, 2009· On a construction site or during pipe line (well point) dewatering, engineers often face the choice between electric-driven or diesel-driven pumps. Because of the often temporary character of dewatering, calculating the cost of a dewatering job has not …

Green Machine - Clean power for rugged, industrial ...

Green Machine builds patented, lithium-ion WHISPERTECH™ battery and drive systems for construction equipment and industrial applications. Green Machine's solutions are dramatically cleaner, quieter and less expensive to operate than comparable diesel engines.

Scissor Lift Power Preference - For Construction Pros

Sep 18, 2006· Scissor Lift Power Preference ... You may also find a limited number of electric (battery powered) models. ... "A lot of construction equipment runs on diesel fuel so it's readily available," says ...

Diesel-electric propulsion plants Guideline 20120731

Diesel-electric propulsion plants 1.1 Advantages of diesel-electric propulsion Due to different and individual types, purposes and operational profiles of diesel-electric driven vessels the design of a diesel-electric propulsion plant differs a lot and has to be evaluated case by case. All

Improving Tractors, Implements With Electrification ...

Mar 29, 2017· Back in 2001, Fendt and AGCO began intensively researching how electric power generated by an electric tractor could be transferred to an implement. In 2013, the results of that work went on display for the first time when Fendt presented the X Concept tractor at Agritechnica. The X Concept is powered by AGCO's Power four-cylinder diesel engine.

Why do heavy vehicles almost always use diesel engines?

So, why do large vehicles almost always use diesel engines, but light cars have a choice between gasoline and diesel? Could modern technology such as hybrid technology with Atkinson cycle bring gasoline engines to large vehicles as well? I have read that the Atkinson cycle engine in 2016 Toyota Prius has 40% thermal efficiency.

Battery-powered Construction Machinery - ...

All hydraulic motors and cylinders are powered by a lithium-ion battery equipped in the main body. As no exhaust gas is emitted from the equipment, it eliminates withering of the crops and plants, and there are no ventilation issues due to exhaust gas when carrying out dismantling indoors or doing tunnel work.

Electric underground - OEM Off-Highway

Dec 06, 2013· To meet the growing emissions, safety and energy efficiency concerns of the underground mining industry, the development of electric-powered machinery has increased. "Electric power is the future," says Unosson. "Electricity is superior from the point of view of energy efficiency and the purest form of energy we know today.

Adoption of Electrification and Hybrid Drive for More ...

Adoption of Electrification and Hybrid Drive for More Energy-efficient Construction Machinery 121 ZH200 Electrical Drive Components The electrical drive components used in the ZH200 include two motors, a power control unit (PCU), and a capacitor unit. The swing electric motor is located between the swing device's hydraulic motor and the swing

's D7E Electric Drive Redefines Dozer Productivity

Sep 28, 2010· 's D7E Electric Drive Redefines Dozer Productivity SHARE. Earthmoving ... A 235-horsepower C9.3 diesel drives a generator to produce electricity that runs to a power module where it is inverted to AC current. ... The 60,000-lb D7E is powered by a 235 hp C9 and twin, AC electric motors through 's diff steer. claims 25% more ...

Electric Vehicles in Construction, Agriculture and Mining ...

As the business of electric vehicles for construction, mining and agriculture exploits commonalities, it will grow more than six-fold in the next decade, setting EV records for unit price and volume and good margins. Understand the innovators, technology and market roadmaps and detailed forecasts.