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PIPELINE DEWATERING, CLEANING, AND DRYING [*] Newly constructed pipelines are typically hydrostatically tested, using water as the test medium, upon completion of construction. Learn more about Chapter 6: Pipeline Drying on GlobalSpec.

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The low dew point of nitrogen (as low as -40F/C) makes it an ideal choice for pipeline drying. As a value-added feature, nitrogen is totally inert; it displaces …


pipeline drying - a concern of quality at post-hydrotest of pipelines One problem that frequently found and shall be put as a concern of a project quality team after the hydrotesting of a pipeline is that it leaves the pipeline wet after the test although the de-watering process had done.

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Pipeline Cleaning Pre-cleaning existing pipelines, reduces Environmental Risks Clean to avoid treatment of Hydrotest water PCB or NORM laden material exists in many pipelines Hydro water can be disposed w/ lower costs Avoid pushing debris/contaminants from section to section It is very difficult to dry dirty pipelines

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Jan 08, 2019· Pipeline construction and pipeline repairs are major projects that require detailed steps before a pipeline can be put into service. One step that can be overlooked until late in the project is pipeline drying.

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Drying is removing moisture from pipelines and is utilized for a variety of applications in both new construction and in lines previously in service. That's because moisture produces rust or iron sulfide and is the catalyst for advanced corrosion in pipelines.

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Logical Pipeline Solutions is happy to introduce this unique high volume air drying system to the rest of the pipeline drying world. Photo of Chilling & Drying Components Our newest equipment produces approximately 4,500 CFM of oil free, -80F dewpoint dry air, all from a single 20 foot container.

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Drying Pipeline our Specialty Niche. Long-time oil patch entrepreneur Ken Ryalls remembers in the 1980s when the first pipeline was built from the Joffre chemical complex near Red Deer to carry ethanol to Fort Saskatchewan. That was when he spotted a service business niche: pipeline drying.

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CEPS provides turnkey commissioning services including engineering studies and/or specification development, pipeline cleaning and gauging, chemical treatment of test water, pipeline flooding, hydrostatic pressure testing, tightness tests, pipeline dewatering and pipeline air drying and vacuum drying.

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Robinson Pipe Cleaning understands the importance of keeping operations underway and working smoothly. That's why our expertise in services like wet/dry vacuum cleaning hydro blasting is a critical advantage for a variety of industries. Learn more

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Pipeline drying. Pipelines used to transport petrochemicals such as propylene and ethylene must be dried in order for the delivered product to meet moisture specifications. Natural gas pipelines are usually dried to a lesser extent to prevent the formation of hydrates. It is not unusual for a petrochemical line to be dried to a dew point of ...

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The most common methods for pipeline drying, station drying and tank drying are Air Drying, Nitrogen Drying, and Vacuum Drying. Pipeline Drying International can perform drying with all of these methods. However, we feel that high volume air drying has historically proven to …

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Hydrotesting and Drying services needs and requirements have expanded rapidly in our industry, and Stric-Lan is uniquely qualified to handle a wide variety of services in this arena. Services include: Testing for integrity requirements and pipeline management programs; Post repair and new construction applications; Drying to specific dew point

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Pipeline Pigging Products manufactures pigs in all pipe sizes, for drying, wiping and scraping applications. Flexible foam construction allows our pigs to negotiate short radius bends, reduced port valves and multi-dimensional pipe from below 2" to over 78" in diameter.

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The drying of pipelines and installations needs to be carried out for a number of reasons, often during operation and after hydro testing. A.Hak Pipeline Services offer a number of flexible drying solutions that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the client, the situation and the technical possibilities.

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Dec 31, 2013· Drying pipelines initially involves pigging with dry air. The dry air will absorb the water left from the dewatering phase. The process of running pigs and dry air through the pipeline is continued until the desired dew point at the outlet is met.

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Drying Methods Three methods of drying the pipeline are commonly used, each of which can make use of a Kahn Ceramic Hygrometer. 1. Hot Air Drying The pipeline is fed at one end with a supply of heated air from an air compressor. Heat energy is absorbed by the water in the pipeline which speeds evaporation. The water

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Drying of pipelines is essential for the reliable pipeline operation as it prevents internal corrosion, formation of hydrates in gas pipelines and also freezing of water in above ground piping and gas pressure regulators.. Our efficient air drying and vacuum drying equipment removes water from pipelines quickly and efficiently. We can provide solutions optimizing time and cost of each project ...